The Writer Studio at the Maker Hotel

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The Writer is a 450-square-foot, literary-themed suite at the Maker Hotel in Hudson.

When the Maker Hotel in Hudson finally opened its 11 rooms for booking in 2020, the long-awaited debut was met with instant fanfare and critical acclaim. The Maker’s sensuous Instagram account had long teased photos of sumptuous velvet duvets, Morrocan-tiled bathrooms with brass accents, custom corduroy chaise lounges, vintage Turkish kilim rugs, and cozy nooks for reading, enjoying a nightcap, or whispering sweet nothings. It’s a sensuous riot of texture and textiles in rich jewel tones accented by hardwood, marble, brass, and glass.

The hotel rooms at the Maker are spread out across three historic buildings. In the Georgian mansion building, four expansive Maker studios embody peak design and luxury, each a romantic take on the life and habitat of a different maker. They are: the Gardener, the Architect, the Artist, and the Writer.

It was this last one that drew our eye, with its reading nooks and wraparound bookcases. “When I was designing it, I was imagining the writer as somebody who has a very nomadic personality,” says Maker co-owner and designer Lev Glazman. “Somebody who’s very curious, somebody who travels, somebody who collects memories. And that’s why it is filled with objects of curiosity. You have a lot of artwork here, but it’s a little bit more eclectic. It’s things that a writer finds and they want to just capture it in their memory. And that’s how I wanted to design the whole environment.”

Entering the 450-square-foot suite, your gaze is drawn to the stunning fireplace (now gas-powered) straight ahead. The green-tiled fireplace is surrounded by the original Georgian oak mantel and matching built-in bookcases, on which Glazman worked with local artisans to restore. “Everything is original,” Glazman says. “Everything we could restore, we restored. We’re very much into respecting sustainability, and we like to reclaim and recycle things as much as we can.”

Photo by Sabrina Eberhad

Like the epic library in the lobby below, the bookshelves lining the walls on either side of the fireplace are teeming with volumes selected by the Strand Bookstore in the city. “You have a lot of books here—very eclectic,” Glazman says. “There’s autobiographies, historical books, fiction, world mythology—all kinds of odd books, and we keep adding.”

A pair of charcoal plaid armchairs and a triangular Mid-Century coffee table rest on the lush red and blue wool rug, creating a cozy, casually worldly vibe. Off to the side, below the window, a vintage typewriter patiently waits upon the writer’s desk to channel inspired words. “It totally works,” Glazman says of the typewriter. “People love typing on that thing, and they have actually been using it to write and send notes to other people. It’s amazing.”

“I like things to be eclectic,” Glazman says. “A lot of Mid-Century elements mixed in with some La Belle Epoch era, mixed in with some Art Deco. We even included some Victorian details because of the house. But typically, it’s got to be the right balance between those areas of design. I don’t like one era to be on steroids.”

Photo by Sabrina Eberhad

Through gracefully arched double doors, enter the bedroom, with a king-size latex mattress atop a custom headboard modeled after a wingback chair—another nod to the writer. A lofty linen duvet cover is folded down over luxuriously high-thread count cotton sheets. Oversized goose down slumber pillows make for a dreamy landing. All the bedding is a custom collaboration with premium brand the DownTown Company. The good news? After you fall in love, you can take home a slice of luxury. “The bedding, the furniture, everything was made for us,” Glazman says. “People always want to buy it. So, we’re selling all of it.”

The final crowning glory of the suite is its luxe glazed ceramic field tile bathroom with a heated limestone floor, freestanding marble sink, and rainfall shower. All Maker rooms come with complimentary full-size products from high-end beauty company Fresh, which Glazman and his partner Alina Roytberg founded in the early `90s; linen robes; and luxury towels and slippers from Frette for a spa-caliber weekend retreat.

“The whole idea is that you can lie there in the corner and read a book,” Glazman says pointing at the upholstered bench by the window. “Or sit in the armchairs, or lay in the bed. There’s a lot of seating options, if you like reading this is a perfect room.”

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