Bookshelf    The Art of Natural Building: Design, Construction, Resources

The Art of Natural Building: Design, Construction, Resources

By Joseph F. Kennedy, Michael G. Smith, and Catherine Wanek (New Society Publishers, Second Edition, 2015) Buy It Now

The first page of this invaluable resource invites readers to “get your hands muddy.” Bill Steen’s introduction cites the jaw-dropping statistic that “the construction and operation of buildings consumes approximately one-half of the energy used in industrialized countries,” going on to observe that “natural materials give us the opportunity to change the rhythm of how we build. They slow us down.” The 64 essays in this revised, expanded, and updated second edition cover every aspect of eco-friendly building, from philosophy and aesthetics to such practical matters as getting LEED certification and building permits. The largest section details the practical aspects of working with natural materials such as stone, earth, wood, bamboo, straw, and thatch; numerous black-and-white photos and a 16-page color insert show dozens of handsome examples.