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Cold Spring, NY
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That Hudson Valley Candle Burkelman

That Hudson Valley Candle from Burkelman


Burning Memories

A purveyor of home furnishings and goods made to enrich everyday life, Burkelman, located on Main Street in Cold Spring, is so renowned for its forward-looking designs that it has a national wedding registry service. Now this shop is hand-producing its own line of distinctive scented candles made of 100 percent soy wax. That Hudson Valley Candle—scented with fireplace embers, tobacco leaves, and moss—evokes memories of bonding with friends at a lakeside bonfire and snuggling with a special someone before the fireplace.

Each candle is inspired by their upstate surroundings, twin toddlers, family history and intimate moments and these new candles are no exception. Four sassily named new additions include:

Sensory Seeker ($38, 9 oz.)

Case in point on the inspiration front. One of Burke and Kimelman’s kids was described as a “sensory seeker’ by a child development professional and they so loved the term, with the sense of awe and wonderment it engendered, that they decided to create a decidedly sensational scent using that name. With notes of Fernet, clove, and cannabis resin, this  is deeply earthy and intoxicating.

Hammam It All ($38, 9 oz.)

Think Turkish bath without any of the abrasive bits. Smells like just made tea, with the coziness of fresh linens, and a cooling touch of Turkish mint—soothing, rejuvenating, and cleansing. Just what you needed and didn’t know.

Freakebonic Boom ($38, 9 oz.) 

This is fresh and citrusy, no two ways about it. Grapefruit dominates with a fistful orange peels thrown in and an effervescence twist of grated ginger for good measure. This will wake you up and get you whistling on your way in no time.

Welcome to the Vortex ($38, 9 oz.)

We’ll take their word for it—this is scent is “inspired by the energizing desert vortexes of the American West.” Sylvan notes of smudge stick bring you down to earth in a chill way, while hints of – armoise and worn create a cozy place to receive you.

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