Clean Power Guide

Home matters. These days, our lives revolve around our dwellings more than ever. So it’s timely to take action on the energy upgrades we know will benefit our economics as well as the planet. Those of us who are working from home, especially, have time to notice the drafts, ruminate on the age of the heating system, and take action on the energy improvements we’ve been considering for years.

The Clean Power Guide is your support system for informed action to improve energy efficiency and shift to renewable sources in your home or small business. It guides you on the most basic step to take, slashing waste and maxing out efficiency in your energy use. It is a portal to information on solar power, heat pumps, electric vehicles and more.

Sustainable Hudson Valley and Chronogram Media bring you this publication. It’s written by trusted experts, and backed by the sponsorship of some of the premier businesses and public agencies working to bring clean energy technologies to the marketplace. Available all year, online and in print, the Clean Power Guide provides the basic, unbiased information you need to get moving off fossil fuels at home and work.

In terms of technology and economics, this is an excellent time to invest in renewables. The price of solar keeps falling. Energy storage is more affordable and standardized, maximizing the benefits of your solar system. Electric vehicles are dropping in price as they increase in range, and the used EV market is making these cars even more accessible. All these options are getting close to competitive in up-front costs as well as yielding savings throughout their life cycles. Read on and imagine being part of this revolution. Read about the CPG’s 2021 sponsors.

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Clean Power Guide