Clean Power Guide

A transformation is beginning. In 2019, New York passed a visionary law, the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act, committing the state to shift to 100-percent renewable sources for our electricity in just 10 years. Much of this power will come from large-scale solar, offshore wind, and existing hydroelectric sources like Niagara Falls. But the legislation’s goals will only be met if people get involved. Now is a time when you can save dollars, as well as the planet, through savvy investment in clean energy technologies both at home and at work.

The price of solar power keeps falling. Thanks to improvements being made in energy storage technologies, solar power can be stored and made available when the sun doesn’t shine. You can find an electric vehicle (EV) to suit every taste, range need, and price point. And far more efficient options are available to replace your oil, gas, or propane burner with electric heating and cooling that can be powered by—you guessed it—solar panels.

There is a lot to learn about, and the choices to be made are not simple. As the market for clean power technologies grows and grows, there is a need for neutral expertise that is accessible to consumers. Sustainable Hudson Valley and Chronogram Media are pleased to bring you the second annual Clean Power Guide for this purpose. Read about the CPG's 2020 sponsors.


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Clean Power Guide