Clean Power Guide

As we publish the fifth annual Clean Power Guide, it’s stunning to realize how far the entire field of renewable energy and clean technology has come. This is due substantially to policy commitments like California’s and New York’s, with timelines to wean these major economies completely off fossil fuels. And with the Biden administration’s recent climate investment package, opportunities will continue to grow—especially in the form of tax credits.  

When we launched in 2018, who knew that there would be over 60 makes and models of electric vehicles on the market today, some of them cost-competitive with internal-combustion cars? Who knew that the largest solar developer, Nextera Energy, would (briefly) eclipse Exxon-Mobil in market valuation?

Today, you can buy an air-source heat pump at Home Depot, and the price of geothermal is falling rapidly. So many homes now have battery storage systems with their solar panels that SunRun was recently able to create a “virtual power plant” pulling power from these systems into the grid to meet peak energy demand. Whether you are into the tech, the savings, or the necessity of fast action on climate change, there are good reasons to be excited.

We’re delighted to bring you a rich menu of articles and interviews that showcase clean power options for your home or business. And we are honored to be working with some of the same sponsors that were with us when we launched. As always, the Clean Power Guide is available in the Winter issue of Upstate House in print, and online, well, forever. We will be printing 10,000 copies for distribution at educational events (holler if your school or workplace can use some). We are eager to bring this content into events with new partners—like you! 

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Clean Power Guide