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Delve Into Department of Energy Career Maps

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These information packed graphics identify types of jobs in the very fluid fields of green building, solar and wind energy, and show points of entry and pathways of advancement. The fields are not always structured as formally as old-fashioned industry, but these maps give you a starting point for investigating the opportunities.

Local Green Jobs Resources

It isn’t enough to have good jobs for some. To make sure that green economy opportunities more widely available, there is a good, growing and generous support system for job seekers.

YouthBuild trains out-of-school young people (16-24) in construction trades and leadership skills, working with community organizations such as Nubian Directions in Poughkeepsie.

Citizens for Local Power’s Kingston-based Green Jobs Internship pays a diverse group of interns for 24 hours of work spread over several hands-on and classroom learning experiences to provide a strong overview of green jobs from the inside and a personalized network.

SUNY Ulster and SUNY Sullivan offer a suite of courses in solar installation, building performance, green construction, and more. SUNY Ulster has even secured funding from NYSERDA to make the basic Building Science Principles Certificate of Knowledge prep course (taking around 18 hours) free as an online training that prepares you to work in building energy efficiency.

NYSERDA has committed over $32 million for clean energy training through educational institutions and companies. They offer special programs supporting clean energy internships with 90 percent cost-share for eligible workplaces, and on-the-job training to cover new employee’s first months at work. Email [email protected] for more information. NYSERDA has also just announced an ambitious Climate Justice Fellows hiring program that will support 150 workplaces in hiring and mentoring professionals whose job is to bring clean energy benefits to disadvantaged communities.

US Clean Energy Employment by Sector 2020

This graphic is from Clean Jobs America 2021, a report issued by E2 6 // E2 CLEAN JOBS AMERICA 2021
(Environmental Entrepreneurs). More analysis can be found at E2.org.

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