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Surface Area from Jules Anderson

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Sometimes a table is more than a table. Take the case of Hudson-based woodworker Jules Anderson. First, her work is her home—literally. She uses wood salvaged from the renovation of her house, mostly vintage hemlock, to fashion her pieces. Each piece invites tactile exploration with its rough cuts and use-wear scars. Her pieces embody age and rediscovery. Anderson started out in broadcasting in her native New Zealand, and after an odyssey through the US, she eventually studied cabinetmaking at the New England School of Architectural Woodworking. Now she makes one-of-a-kind furniture in her Hudson studio. You can touch, fondle, and get cozy with her work at two restaurants in Hudson—Zak Pelaccio’s ultra-localist Fish and Game, and at Southeast Asian inspired Food Studio Hudson. Her work is also in situ within guestrooms at the Inn at Ca’ Mea bed-and-breakfast on Allen Street, which features her original headboards and bedside tables. To make her work your own, view her latest collection on her website, or visit Finch at 613 Warren Street, Hudson.