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Grounding the Future from Munder-Skiles

212-717-0150, 1180 Route 9D
Garrison, New York
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When John Danzer founded Munder-Skiles in Garrison in 1992, garden furniture design was a rarely studied field and a hobby for him. Today, he heads an award-winning company that focuses on no lesser goal than completely reinventing garden furniture. Munder-Skiles’s modernist, ergonomic garden seating and tables draw from the long history of garden furnishings and are designed to last well into the future. Danzer has become an authority on garden furnishings design, lecturing at London’s Victoria & Albert Museum and amassing a library including more than 10,000 images, scrapbooks covering more than 50 topics, and extensive collections of antique books, catalogs, and furnishings themselves.