Bookshelf    Hudson Modern: Residential Landscapes

Hudson Modern: Residential Landscapes

By David Sokol (The Monacelli Press, 2018) Buy It Now

The homes in Hudson Modern invite the outside in, seeking a balance between cutting-edge modern design and the glorious natural settings and views of this storied region. Clean lines, vast spans of glass, organic materials like fieldstone and repurposed wood, and careful siting create an aesthetic that works with the land, sometimes drawing inspiration from surprising sources such as a grownup child’s treehouse or angled solar panels. Design writer Sokol examines 17 distinctive structures, from breathtaking aeries to hidden-treasure guesthouses, with illuminating conversations with architects Drew Lang, Alan Barlis, and Dennis Wedlick, and artist/client Andrew Zuckerman. The book’s design mirrors its subject, combining striking photos and generous use of open space in an opulent minimalism.