Bookshelf    Inside Outside: A Sourcebook of Inspired Garden Rooms

Inside Outside: A Sourcebook of Inspired Garden Rooms

By Linda O’Keeffe (Timber Press, 2019)

Why, asks Linda O’Keeffe, designer and former creative director of Metropolitan Home, should outdoor spaces be treated any differently than indoor spaces? After all, gardens of all shapes and sizes, and houses, both grand and rustic, share the same property, and ideally should complement each other. To illustrate her point, O’Keeffe offers a lushly photographed selection of “garden rooms” from California, Palm Beach, the Hudson Valley, England, and Paris, each one arranged according to the principles of interior decoration. Some landscapes are mannered, trimmed, and shaped to recall formal gardens; others are a wild jumble of plants, trees, and wildflowers with meandering pathways and unexpected clearings. Some of the designs carry a hefty price tag while others don’t, but the ideas behind them are universal:  letting the indoors and outdoors talk to each other, with both contributing to a sense of harmony and wholeness.