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Ageless Rocker from Dzierlenga F+U

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Named for an ice cap in Svalbard, Norway, this rocker has staying power. Made from bleached maple by Casey Dzierlenga, it will surely be around for your great-grandchildren to enjoy—which is more than we can say for ice caps. As Dzierlenga describes it, the rocker has a “smooth, pensive rockability.” She sticks to traditional wood joinery and simple clean lines. Dzierlinga and her husband, Samuel Moyer, also a furniture maker, are recent transplants to the Hudson Valley. They are doing their part to reuse and recycle, regularly harvesting and milling fallen trees for raw material for their work. Dzierlenga and Moyer are also up to their elbows in renovation—they are rescuing an ancient house, deep in the woods, to call home. See their handiwork online.