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Pushing Paper from Wishbone Letterpress

77 Cornell Street, Suite 207
Kingston, New York
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For Danielle Bliss, getting laid off from her job at CBS was the best thing that ever happened to her— it got her back into printmaking. She first studied printmaking techniques while earning a degree at the School of Visual Arts in New York. She and her husband Joe Venditti, another art school grad, now run Wishbone Letterpress from their studio at the T-Shirt Factory in Kingston. Their line of hand-printed cards is sold through local retailers and their Etsy store. The cards run the gamut from elegantly unique to witty and irreverent (“Happy Birthday— Death has never been closer!”) Wishbone also creates excellent hand printed coasters, and the best party crowns you’ve ever seen. They’ve done a custom card for the youth-style tastemaster Urban Outfitters (“You’re Rad as Fuck”), a thank-you note for cultural power couple Nein Gaiman and Amanda Palmer, and they can design a custom card for you, too. The coasters, which come in sets of six, make a great hostess gift if you can bring yourself to give them away. Ogle all their designs online.