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Birding the Hudson Valley

By Kathryn J. Schneider (University Press of New England, 2018) Buy It Now

There are people for whom the word “bird” is both a noun and an active verb. If you’re a serious birder—someone who travels to see birds in their natural habitats—you’ll delight in Schneider’s 200 pages of detailed descriptions and trail maps of parks, wildlife management areas, nature preserves, and other bird-friendly public spaces throughout the Hudson Valley’s 10 counties. If you’re more of a casual backyard birdwatcher, be prepared. This book may lure you from your armchair by the window out into the meadows, marshes, and mountain migration routes where hundreds of species proliferate; detailed Species Account charts tell you who lives here year-round and who’s flying through when. Grab your binoculars or spotting scope and your identification guide (see Chapter 3 for advice), and let your spirits soar.