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Seed Capital from Hudson Valley Seed Library

484 Mettacahonts Road
Accord, New York
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Some believe that, in the near future, seeds will become a valuable form of currency. Even if you’re not prone to dramatic thoughts about a changing economy, it’s a rare sense of self-sufficiency and magic that’s in store when you plant from seeds you grew and saved yourself. Still rooted in convention? You can purchase from the Hudson Valley Seed Library—they sell packets of open-pollinated, heirloom seeds, grown, saved, and packed on their farm in Accord. By developing varieties that perform well in our specific climate, they aim to make regional seed sovereignty possible again. The library is committed to combating the loss of genetic diversity; a trend consolidation in agribusiness has led to. In a further blossoming of diversity, a different Hudson Valley artist designs a packet for each variety.