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Wicked River

By Jenny Milchman (Sourcebooks, $15.99, 2018) Buy It Now

Newlyweds Natalie and Doug Larson plot an adventurous honeymoon: a canoe trip deep into the Adirondacks, celebrating their bond in scenic splendor and absolute privacy. But nature has other ideas—and so does the feral survivalist who’s constructed a deadly lair amid six million acres of primeval forest. This is whitewater fiction, full of pulse-pounding rapids and a deep current of marital insecurity. Can we ever really know who someone is, or how far he might go? Praised by Lee Child as “the Swiss Army knife of thriller writers,” Jenny Milchman lives in the Hudson Valley, midway between the Larsons’ New York City apartment and the honeymoon from hell. She knows this terrain like the back of her hand, and pumps up the suspense at every bend of the wicked river.