Entryway    Glass Menagerie at Pablo Glass

Glass Menagerie at Pablo Glass from Pablo Glass

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Pablo Glass doesn’t just make hand-blown glasswares for homes, restaurants, and offices. The enterprise, which includes studios on Woodstock’s Millstream and in Kingston, is also on a mission to promote the culture of glass-blowing in a collaborative environment. Founded by Paul (Pablo) Weinschenk (who also started the Woodstock Art Exchange in 2016), Pablo Glass uses both traditional and free-form styles to create colorful, one-of-a-kind vases, bowls, plates, drinking glasses, carafes, and decorative pieces, along with custom-designed and installed  lighting (pendants, individually-blown glass-globe chandeliers, and table lamps). Interested in mastering this most complex and intriguing utilitarian art yourself? Classes, workshops, and apprenticeships are also available.