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The Other Mother

By Carol Goodman (William Morrow & Company, $26.99, 2018) Buy It Now

New motherhood can be emotionally overwhelming, especially when you’re afflicted with postpartum mood disorder. When Daphne Marist and Laurel Hobbes meet in a support group, their fast friendship seems like a life raft. Raised on opposite sides of the tracks, they have similar jobs, older husbands, and daughters named Chloe. But their twinning soon takes a sinister twist, propelling one mother into a desperate flight to a Catskills mansion brimming with long-buried secrets, and the other into grave danger. Dutchess County author Carol Goodman adds another gem to her long string of upstate thrillers with strong female leads, including The Widow’s House, River Road, Arcadia Falls, The Ghost Orchid, The Drowning Tree, The Seduction of Water, and The Lake of Dead Languages. Dive in!