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Bottoms Up from TK Home and Garden

441 Warren Street
Hudson, New York
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In her 1930 essay on good typography “The Crystal Goblet,” Beatrice Warde argued that the modernist sensibility must ask not “ ‘How should it look?’ but ‘What must it do?’ ” These refined glasses from William Yeoward, available at TK Home and Garden in Hudson, will make your bar look good, making you simultaneously a modernist and not a modernist. Tessy Keller’s store also refuses to be defined by an era. Her inventory of eclectic furnishings includes vintage and antique pieces, reproductions, and modern-inspired objects. Her elegant taste in furnishings is complemented by her husband Jay Neuschatz’s passion for art and architecture, which gave life to the upstairs gallery. Find statuary, urns, and outdoor pieces in the back garden.