Fired Up: Elise Killer-Migliore’s Ceramics

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For Elise Killer-Migliore, making ceramics is as much about pragmatism as it is about “creating something beautiful and useful from the earth.” Working out of Kingston Ceramics Studio, Killer-Migliore has created Sour Baby Ceramics, a line of small-scale stoneware products, both thrown and hand-built, that explore spherical and circular shapes along with earthy colors, often applied in stripes or using crackled or speckled glazes. There are whimsical round-bowled ceramic spoons with hand-rolled, looped handles; half-circle and partitioned-circle plates; donut-shaped single-stem vases; as well as incense burners, ring holders, cups and mugs, finger bowls, bread plates, soap holders, and planters. 

“I make almost exclusively practical pieces. I think this comes from having to move around a lot in the past few years and not wanting to have to deal with moving or with [having] a lot of stuff,” says Killer-Migliore, who moved to Ulster County from New York City. “My inspiration comes from all over—other makers, hikes, things that I find myself wishing I had in my own home.”

Trained as a painter, Killer-Migliore began studying and focusing on ceramics two years ago as a way of overcoming a creative block, and hasn’t looked back since. Next on the agenda? To create a line of large-scale home goods.

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