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Feeding the Heart

By Patrick Dollard and Cesare Casella (The Center for Discovery, 2016)

Food is one of life’s great pleasures. But the directors and chefs of the Catskills’ Center for Discovery, an educational and residential facility for people with complex disabilities, autism spectrum disorders, and medical frailties, also believe food is medicine.  Turning the notion of “institutional food” on its head, these educational and culinary visionaries take a holistic approach to growing and eating the healthiest possible ingredients. Food becomes therapeutic in every way: Residents benefit from the hands-on processes of farming, and the additive-free, seasonal food conveys countless health benefits. Co-authored by the Center’s CEO and resident Patrick Dollard and Department of Nourishment Arts chef Cesare Casella, this thought-provoking book includes enticing recipes from a group of New York celebrity chefs who embrace the Center’s “Seed to Belly” philosophy and welcome the general public into the food/health conversation.