Understanding the Role of Community Management Companies

How to Help Your Co-op, Condo Association, or Homeowner’s Association Thrive

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There are many benefits to being a resident of a co-op, condo association, or homeowner’s association (commonly referred to as an HOA). In addition to a sense of community, residents often have access to shared amenities, such as walking trails, a pool, or a playground; the peace of mind that maintenance and landscaping is taken care of; and the security of being able to call on the community’s board to handle any challenges that might arise.

Such resources, however, come with the responsibility and stress of managing them, which can quickly take up board members’ valuable time and energy. That’s why many boards are looking to professional managers and management companies to help them successfully carry out the daily duties and responsibilities of the community that they serve.

In the Mid-Hudson Valley, Associa New York, a branch of national community and property management company Associa, provides these services to 30 communities in the region, from existing co-ops, condos, and HOAs to new communities in development. “We work closely with board members to develop the right management program for their community that will meet their specific needs, reduce their operating costs, and provide them with the very best service available,” says Associa New York Branch President Dianne Feinstein.

For over 40 years, Associa has been an industry leader in providing secure financial services and technological solutions to self-managed communities.

For instance, Associa’s community management teams use an all-in-one app, TownSq, to provide a secure place to discuss private issues with board members, communicate with the community, manage requests, and more. Additionally, TownSq provides comprehensive financial reporting, allowing boards to easily manage their budgets, offering greater transparency into their income and expenses, and providing secure payments to the community’s many vendors.

Associa also provides regular educational opportunities to help boards stay up to date with the latest trends in community and property management, as well as on-demand building and grounds maintenance, consulting for new developments, and insurance services.

The decision to transition from a self-managed community to partnering with a community management company is a serious one. Boards who are interested in making the move can start by asking what services they need help with now and how the partnership can enhance the community in the future. “It’s our responsibility to listen, focus on detail, and offer leadership to the communities we manage,” says Feinstein. “Everyone who works at Associa New York lives in the region and has a vested interest in seeing the Hudson Valley thrive.”

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