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Flock To It from Hammertown Barn

3201 Route 199
Pine Plains, New York
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Drape it over the arm of a chair, the back of a sofa, an antique chest, a place you often stand barefooted, or the end of your bed. Let your baby sleep on it, like they do in Australia. Sit a small child on it for storytime. Invite your favorite pet to take a snooze there. Prop it up with a pillow and sink into it or cuddle up beneath it yourself. Or don’t touch it at all—just look at how it makes the colors and textures of your furnishings pop. Whatever you do with a luxurious, white, genuine sheepskin, you can’t go wrong: It fits into any room and décor, as it’s rustic and modern, comforting and edgy all at once—and easy to care for, to boot. Available in abundance at Hammertown’s stores in Pine Plains, Rhinebeck, and Great Barrington.