Picking Paint Colors Per Your Favorite Season

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From sunny yellows to stormy blues, color is one of the quickest ways to set the mood in any space. Choosing the perfect paint color for the kitchen or bedroom from a wall of swatches, however, can be intimidating for even the most savvy DIY-er. One easy (and fun!) way to define the hues that are right for you and your home is to take a few cues from the colors of your favorite season.

“The paint colors you gravitate toward using in your own home are a reflection of your distinct personality, so why not take your inspiration from the season that you feel most at home in?” asks Kim Williams, SVP of Retail Operations at Williams Lumber and Home Centers, an authorized retailer of premium Benjamin Moore paints. With seven locations, including two design centers in Pleasant Valley and Rhinebeck, Williams has been the go-to for home improvement in the Hudson Valley since 1946. “At Williams, we have all types of customers with different styles and tastes who know that they can rely on our expert team to guide them to design choices they’re sure to love.”   

Whether spring’s peppy brightness, summer’s laid-back warmth, autumn’s earthy embrace, or winter’s understated elegance resonates most, there’s a palette of perfect hues to match. Here’s how to choose the Benjamin Moore paint colors that will offer the best of your favorite season, all year long.


Those who favor spring are invigorated by its sense of optimism and the promise of a fresh start. Want to bring that budding excitement indoors? Interiors defined by soothing pastel colors offer a refreshing spin on classic neutrals, and create lighthearted spaces that sing with the serenity of a reawakened world.

Spring-Inspired Paint Colors to Love

Always a favorite, Fernwood Green is a mellow light green with earthy undertones that will provide a calming sense of renewal. Cappuccino, a warm, creamy beige with a faint touch of pink, is a cozy neutral that will add a quietly blooming energy to any room. Looking for a color with a bit more oomph? Windmill Wings, a crisp, cool periwinkle, will call to mind spring’s first flowers even in the middle of winter.


Outgoing, social, and adventurous, summer lovers crave those long, lazy days of summer that provide the freedom to travel, hang out with friends, and soak up time spent outdoors. For that same vibrant-yet-easy-going ambiance at home, look to the lively, invigorating colors of the coast: sky blues; warm, sandy neutrals; and sunset-ready reds and oranges.

Summer-Inspired Paint Colors to Love

Sunlit Coral, a calming peachy pink that takes its  scues from those endless cotton candy sunsets, will definitely add a cheery glow to any room. Want to bask in summer’s expansive midday sky no matter the hour? Opt for Jet Stream, a breezy, buoyant blue with just a touch of lilac. Looking to make a bolder move? Wild Flower is a sophisticated, earthy red that brings to mind elegantly weathered terracotta.

Energetic greens and buoyant blues welcome the abundance of spring and summer inside, while moody grays, calming lilacs, and icy blues draw on the dramatic landscapes and contemplative atmosphere of autumn and winter.


Autumn aficionados are strong and passionate, and love to bask in the theatricality of the natural world in transition. To bring the season’s winning combination of golden light, fiery foliage, and clear starry nights indoors, lean into a saturated palette of earthy tones that create a rustic, cozy energy.   

Fall-Inspired Paint Colors to Love

Revel in the woodsy, careworn vibes of the season with Bear Creek, a rich, grayish brown that contrasts beautifully with off-whites and creams. A dustier take on a classic burgundy, Sequoia adds just a touch of dynamic color intensity and violet undertones that are reminiscent of the changing leaves. With its rusty red undertones, Metallic Gold upgrades the concept of neutral and will add an effortless, warming glow to any space.


With its stark, sculptural landscapes, winter appeals to those who find comfort in stillness and appreciate a tranquil environment where they can rest and recharge. Welcome the season of reflection inside with cool, serene hues like icy blues, soft grays, and moody greens that recall the quietude of a winter wonderland.

Winter-Inspired Paint Colors to Love

Hint of Violet, a playful pairing of lilac and gray, feels as plush as a cashmere blanket. A deep graphite green suggestive of a shady alpine forest, Ashwood Moss can create a bold yet grounding statement when used on all four walls or as an accent. Winter Lake, a soothing medium gray with soft blue undertones, provides the earthy richness of blue slate and the calming presence of deep waters.

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