Natural Instincts

This season, use nature-inspired color to bring the outdoors in

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Cooler weather encourages us to cozy up inside our homes. But by the middle of winter, we’ve had all the hygge we can stand, and we’re itching to get back outside. Instead of feeling stuck within those walls, why not bring some of those outdoor elements indoors? For inspiration on how to include nature-inspired elements in your home, we turned to the pros at Williams Lumber and Home Centers, an authorized retailer of Benjamin Moore paints. With multiple locations, including two design centers in Pleasant Valley and Rhinebeck, Williams has been the go-to for home improvement in the Hudson Valley since 1946.

Start by keeping your area clutter-free. Minimal decorations infuse a sense of light and air into the home, and help your creative color choices really shine, according to Kim Williams, SVP of Retail Operations at Williams Lumber and Home Centers. “Minimalistic features evoke nature and add a dash of comfort, warmth, and texture into your home, while creating a calming ambience for guests to enjoy. Create a relaxing and Zen home oasis by bringing touches of the outdoors in this season,” Williams says.

Natural Materials

Focus on the raw beauty of organic materials by playing with different combinations of texture and wood finishes. Start by bringing in artisan-crafted furniture and accents made with natural materials to instantly add an earthy feel. Rattan and wicker chairs or stools and sisal rugs incorporate a tactile element: Try pairing them with earthy décor accents like clay, terracotta, and globally inspired fabrics.

Take a cue from what’s outside your windows in the warmer seasons, and choose a paint color that complements your landscape.

Enhance with Light

Bring the outdoor vibe inside by choosing colors with pale and mid-tone hues of green, yellow, and blue. “These colors work best to complement a botanical-inspired story inside your home,” says Williams.

Opt for colorful neutrals such as the soothing Fernwood Green 2145-40, a refreshing tone like Crystalline AF-485, or Soleil AF-330, a sunny color that’ll lift your mood.

Finish also has an impact on both the light in your space and the color itself. Williams recommends using an eggshell or matte finish for your wall—they absorb more light than a glossier finish, lending a softer feel to a room. To see how the light plays with colors during the day, buy a few Benjamin Moore Color Samples in your potential shades, brush them on the wall, and just live with them for a few days.

Understanding the way light moves through your home makes working with light easier to manage. If your room has lots of natural light and is south-facing, many colors will look great and tend to have a warm glow. Northern-exposure light tends to be cooler, so rather than force a warm color to work, experiment with colors on the cooler side of the color wheel (greens and blues—Palladian Blue HC-144 from Benjamin Moore’s Historical Collection is a Hudson Valley favorite), and then bring in warmth through artificial lighting.

Botanical Trends

We often forget about the beauty of plants. A simple way to transport nature inside is to mimic the shades of live plants or fresh flowers. It’ll be a mood lifter and can help make your space feel more serene. Try combining printed cushions in your color scheme with wall art and prints in your favorite floral patterns.

If you have a color in mind but are unsure which tone you want, use Benjamin Moore’s Color By Family tool to help you narrow your choices.

Bright and Light

The sun may be hard to find some days, but you can create a space that enlivens the senses with the warmth of sunshine all year round. Try adding some pretty yellow tones on your cabinetry and walls. Antiquity OC-107, Golden Straw 2152-50, and Marblehead Gold HC-11 are some great options for an interior dose of vitamin D.

“You can visit one of our seven locations, but you can also use Benjamin Moore’s Color Portfolio app to visualize any of their colors in your existing space. The app is great for comparing colors from the comfort of your home. After you’ve selected your perfect color, you can order the paint online and come pick it up at the store,” says Williams. “It’s a wonderful time-saver, especially when you want to travel less during the winter.”

Visit the Paint Department at Williams Lumber and Home Centers to learn more, and “Nail It Right The First Time!”

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