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Green Investment from Van Engelen & John Scheepers & White Flower Farm

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Your financial adviser told you about the power of compounding interest, right? Well, your garden adviser is here to remind you that, if you plant bulbs in the fall, you will have flowers in the spring. And further, if you add to your collection every year, particularly if you plant naturalizing varieties, they will multiply. And your garden adviser knows a little something about money, too—you can save when you buy a lot at once. Van Engelen sells wholesale bulbs to the public by catalog or online from their farm in Bantam, CT, just over the border in Litchfield County. If you can’t handle planting in increments of 50 or 100, you can order from their sister company, John Scheepers, which has been importing a huge variety of top-quality Dutch bulbs since 1905. The northwest corner of Connecticut is truly a bulb-lover’s promised land. The White Flower Farm store in nearby Morris, CT, also sells high-quality bulbs that are fresh and plump and haven’t been drying out like the leftovers in a floor display. The farm’s five acres of display gardens are remarkably beautiful at any time of the year, and the staff gives advice. Let yourself be seduced.