Fiberglass Pools: An Easy, Elegant Way to Create a Backyard Paradise

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Gunite (or concrete) pools have long been a top choice of homeowners looking to create an ultra-modern inground pool with all the luxurious amenities, but there’s another pool type that has been making waves in recent years: fiberglass.

The reason why? Fiberglass pools check pretty much every box when it comes to ease of selection, construction, and maintenance. Add to that the fact that fiberglass manufacturers have worked hard to catch up to the modern design possibilities of gunite, and even the choosiest homeowner will be able to find a model that fits their personal taste and the style of their home.

“Fiberglass pools have been around forever, but the industry was way behind gunite,” says Jamie Albert Snyder, the founder of Albert Group Pools & Patios in Salisbury Mills. “When I started my business in 2005, there were only nine configurations of fiberglass pools available from our manufacturer. Today, there are 70.”

Leisure Pools, the manufacturer that Albert Group works with, offers those 70 models in everything from super sleek rectangular shapes to gently curving lagoon styles in eight statement-making colors. Adding to classic Aquamarine are shades like Diamond Sand, whose green undertones and beige accents transport guests to a white sand beach; Ebony Blue, which calls to mind a deep freshwater lake; and Silver Grey, a reflective blue with white undertones that will have guests feeling like they’re at a high-end resort.

Then there are the bells and whistles: automatic covers, tanning ledges, built-in hot tubs, large splash decks for the kids, calming waterfalls, and benches in the deep end for taking it all in. The Albert Group team doesn’t just stop at the pool itself. They create custom paver paths, patios, and fencing around the pool, build outdoor kitchens, and even work with garden designers to create lush landscaping that ties it all together.

“This is something out of a magazine, and it’s right in our backyard,” says Carla Churyk, a Brewster resident who worked with Albert Group to install her family’s pool. “The project went so smoothly. They helped us with everything from the masonry work to the fence around the pool to working with our town for permits. We were just blown away by the results.”

When it comes to the technical side of things, fiberglass pools have always been a winner. Without a lengthy design process, the Albert Group team is ready to break ground in just two to four months once permitting is approved. Once they prep the ground for install, the pre-constructed fiberglass shell is laid into place. The team upholds the same excellent standards on all their projects by completing all construction and finishing work in-house.

Because of the insulating qualities of fiberglass, the pools warm up quickly and retain heat, and can be used late into the outdoor season. And unlike the naturally rough texture of concrete, fiberglass pools are smooth to the touch. With thoughtful additions like textured stairs, benches, and floors for stability and support, fiberglass pools offer an experience that is as comfortable and safe as it is stylish.

“Fiberglass was definitely the way to go with our kids because it doesn’t slip and it holds the heat in really well without running the pump all the time,” says Churyk. “But I never thought a pool would actually be this comfortable as well.”

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