Crystallized: Schonbek Chandeliers

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No other lighting is quite so atmospheric as a chandelier, and handmade chandeliers by  Schonbek have graced some of the finest spaces on the planet since 1870. To celebrate its 150th anniversary, Schonbek has created the St. Simons line of chandeliers, which feature a captivating design that reflects the brand’s eye for exemplary artisanship.

Schonbek began over a century ago when young Adolph Schonbek struck out on his own from his grandfather’s glassworks and opened his first factory, determined to make a name for himself as a crafter of crystal chandeliers. The company landed in Plattsburgh, New York, where it is now based and still crafts its fixtures by hand.

“The production of each fixture reflects a level of quality that is unparalleled in today’s marketplace,” says Charles-Antoine Poirier, Schonbek’s director of creative, design and product development. “Many employees working at the Schonbek factory have been here for more than 30 years. The commitment and pride of all workers make this place a unique place to be and gives it a special identity, which translates to our product lines.”

Poirier says it’s those committed artists who make the meticulous process of bringing fresh forms to light work out so well. “While a design process can be challenging, Schonbek’s team of artisans and designers have a wealth of knowledge and experience in creating designs that redefine the standards for premium lighting,” he says. “Innovation has long been a part of our culture as a brand and continues to drive our passion and commitment to finding new, yet timeless methods for expressing design through light fixtures. Hence, being challenged is a part of everyday life when designing new products. By trying to explore new solutions, new processes, we conduct trial and error. Innovation thrives on uncertainty.”  

Schonbek’s new St. Simons line of chandeliers, priced at $999.00 and up, is intended as a fresh infusion of classical romantic elegance into contemporary spaces. The concept, Poirier says, showcases Schonbek’s ability to create a balance between classical and modern design. “The silhouette of a chandelier can be molded into a variety of forms to match its context,” he says. “However, each silhouette shares a larger commonality—they all offer a bit of glamour and a touch of romance. That is especially true with the St. Simons line, which brings a light feminine touch to the spaces it illuminates, with its shape and crystal detailing. It also gives presence to a room and adds a warm feeling when lit.”

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