3 Tips for Your Kitchen Renovation

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kitchen renovation

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The kitchen is the hub of daily activity and the backdrop for so many important occasions from Thanksgiving to weeknight dinner parties. Renovating this space is a major home improvement project and an opportunity to redefine your home.

The expansive Williams Lumber kitchen and bath showrooms in Pleasant Valley and Rhinebeck are a helpful resource for seeing cabinet, countertop, and tile samples in person. Maria Szeglowski, Certified Kitchen Designer at Williams Lumber and Home Centers, offers some tips for remodeling your kitchen.

On Trend

Trends subtly affect your taste whether you are aware of them or not. Researching current and future kitchen design trends allows you make a conscious decision around what styles you actively want to pursue or reject. For example, some are calling for the end of the stainless steel era in 2019, with the advent of brightly colored appliances on one end of the spectrum, and the use of paneling and built-ins to disguise appliances on the other. Where do you fall on that spectrum? Also, open layouts are here to stay. A free-flow floor plan has a modern feel and helps transform transition zones into useful space, but it’s also less private and, possibly, less intimate. Love it or hate it?


Renovating your kitchen is an opportunity to finally make space for all those “problem items” that you have had such a hard time finding a home for like that chunky mixer or set of Grandma’s serving platters. “If you have certain things that you know you need space for, we can certainly help with that,” says Szeglowski. Nifty built-in cabinet accessories can also save space and streamline the look of your kitchen from pull-out waste/recycling cabinets to built-in silverware drawer dividers.


Modern kitchens are all about contrast. These days, you can get a stove or fridge in any color from aquamarine to fuschia. Manufactured quartz countertops also come in a wide variety of colors, which can tie into your color scheme or play an accent role. Afraid of commitment? “Go ahead and get timeless white Shaker cabinets,” Szeglowski advises. “Then change the color on walls or change the hardware.’” Or, pick colorful countertop appliances like toasters and mixers to add a pop of color.

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