A Convergence of Style, Luxury, and Efficiency

Building Dreams. Whatever They May Be.

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Built and Listed by Woodchips Construction, Inc.
Rich and Sita Spoto
845.744.3803 | [email protected]
252 Sinsabaugh Road, Pine Bush, NY 12566

Two worlds converge at the contemporary craftsman-style home of Rich and Sita Spoto. Rich’s ruggedness and big-picture thinking combined with Sita’s sophistication and attention to detail came together when they created this 5,300-square-foot. home. It mirrors the rustic feel of its surroundings without compromising any of the modern-day luxuries or details—a perfect representation of the husband and wife duo. Day to day, Rich handles the engineering, design, labor and management of each of the projects while Sita is in the office planning the details of the projects by ordering cabinets, doorknobs and everything else, including, literally, the kitchen sink, to keep each and every job running smoothly and on budget.
Located in Pine Bush, NY, this is not only their dream home but their show house. The Spotos own the 12-year-old, Pine Bush-based realty and building company Woodchips Construction, a full-service construction organization building dreams by providing clients with construction management services from design through completion. The house is set back on a ¼ mile driveway and surrounded by 40 acres of woodlands, with an 18’ x 37’ outdoor pool, a pool house and a 4,000-square-foot barn.



Inside the house there are five bedrooms, with a gas fireplace in the master bedroom; an oversized home office; two dining rooms; three living rooms; a fully-functioning (and well-stocked) bar with gas fireplace; sitting room; and a large kitchen with marble countertops. Key features include the oak doors and flooring with inlays, the seven shower heads in the main bathroom, the custom stonework in the fireplaces, cathedral ceilings, and the Restoration Hardware chandeliers. Outside there are 4,000 square-feet of patios with two balconies where the family of four—well seven if you include their three dogs—enjoy the great outdoors.

What you don’t see are all the energy-efficient features that make living in this sizable house affordable. The energy costs are 70% less than those of a regular house due to its whole-house ventilation system, energy-star rated appliances, organic spray foam insulation—provided by Woodchips’ sister company, Ecotech Spray Foam, and efficient lighting.

Although this is their own dream house, it is only one of many the Spotos have designed and built for other families. Since 2002, Woodchips Construction, Inc. has grown into a full-service construction organization, providing residential and commercial clients with general contracting and construction management services from design through construction. The company has built more than 40 homes throughout the Hudson Valley and has been lead builder/management team for countless other home and commercial build-outs and jobs. They also launched an excavation site work company, Woodchips Excavation, to complement the growing demands of the region.


Rich and Sita built their company the same way they build their projects: brick by brick, day by day. Their passion for woodworking turned their company into one of Hudson Valley’s premier builders and it shows with every dream project they take on. Originally from the Rondout Valley, the high school sweethearts married young and were bit by the entrepreneurial bug early on and started several successful small businesses before deciding to take their dream to the next level. In 2002, Rich and Sita started Woodchips Construction and turned their love of building into yet another successful company.

Sita has been working side by side with Rich since the early days of their marriage. With a background in art, and a keen eye for décor and accessories, she has found her niche at Woodchips as the detail enthusiast—and with a strong mind for organization, she keeps things running like a well-oiled machine.

Rich takes immense pride in working one-on-one to ensure all needs, big and small, are met. In addition to unsurpassed craftsmanship and attention to detail, Rich and his team pay special and individual attention to each and every client, even those that, like Rich and his wife, have different styles. “Most people have an idea of what they want, but not how to pull together all the pieces, especially if it’s a couple with very different tastes,” says Rich. “We tend to look at the property, get to know our clients, and help them through the entire design process.” That includes the big pieces, like designing the house’s layout, to the little ones, from doorknobs to light fixtures.

“Working with clients to make sure their building process is a smooth and seamless process is almost an art,” said Sita. “Knowing what to get to make the house look good and have a cohesive interior design for the right price is a tall task, but it’s a fun job and I love seeing the finished product.”



A certified Energy Star Builder, Woodchips Construction is at the forefront of emerging technologies and materials that enable them to build sustainable homes with advanced building products, making these luxurious homes energy efficient and affordable. They guarantee every job, whether it’s a custom-built home or renovation. They truly take the time to learn about each client’s needs and develop relationships that last well beyond the completion of a project.

Woodchips Construction clients rest assured knowing they have the best-built house on the market and that Rich and Sita built their dream home to fit within their budget; whatever that may have been.

Rich and Sita understand that building a home will probably be the largest investment of someone’s life. It can seem overwhelming and daunting to many, but to them it’s just another day doing what they love.

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