Maximalist Magic: The Shift Toward Vibrant Paint Colors

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Over the past decade, white walls, clean lines, and Scandinavian-inspired minimalism have dominated the interior design landscape. While the goes-with-anything possibilities of white may never fully go out of style, the maximalist aesthetic is making a triumphant return.

“People are craving spaces that tell a story and resonate more deeply with their personalities,” says Kim Williams, SVP of Retail Operations at Williams Lumber and Home Centers, the go-to name for home improvement in the Hudson Valley since 1946. “Nowhere can this vibrant shift be seen more clearly than the Benjamin Moore Color Trends 2024 palette,” says Williams. “The color of the year, Blue Nova, and the other nine paint colors in this year’s palette have endless possibilities for adding depth and character to any space in your home.”

Here are a few tips from Williams for shaking up the design routine and using this year’s must-try Benjamin Moore paint colors at home.

A Palette of Possibilities

Blue Nova, an alluring mid-toned mix of blue and violet, serves as the anchor for a well-balanced palette that leans heavily into color theory, with an emphasis on complementary colors that can be effortlessly paired together. The 10 colors in the palette also embody a sweet spot for anyone who is venturing outside of white for the first time in a few years.

“Softly saturated colors such as Topaz, Hazy Lilac, and Regency Green are among the standout hues in this palette, each offering an opportunity to infuse your home with bold-yet-approachable color,” says Williams.

The goes-with-anything possibilities of white may never go out of style, but bold paint colors such as Benjamin Moore’s Topaz are making waves with homeowners looking to add depth and character to their interiors.

Since Blue Nova’s eye-catching duality invokes the etherealness of the night sky, Williams recommends using it as an accent wall in offices or in a bedroom to create a sanctuary space that is simultaneously grounding and energizing. Or pair it with furniture painted with radiant orange Topaz for a jewel-toned contrast that’s equally harmonious and on-trend.

For anyone whose go-to neutral is gray, Hazy Lilac—a gentle violet with gray undertones—offers a lighthearted step away that will still feel cozy and familiar. Looking for more drama? Regency Green, a deep piney hue verging on black, lends itself beautifully to accent pieces or an entire room transformation.

Don’t fear—whites are not off the table entirely. The palette also includes Pristine and White Dove, off-whites with warmer undertones that offer an easy changeup from the cool whites that have long been popular in home design. Lean into the dusty rose undertones of Pristine for a calming whole-room effect that reads as a soft pink or use White Dove on trim to give boldly colored walls a more classic appeal.

Benjamin Moore’s Hazy Violet

“What I love about this year’s palette is that it’s very well-balanced, and offers plenty of opportunities for homeowners to experiment and express their one-of-a-kind style,” Williams says.

A Colorful Journey Awaits

Stepping outside of the comfort zone that neutrals offer can be intimidating to say the least, but there’s no need to dive straight into the deep end.

If the idea of painting a large room a bold new hue feels like too much, a simple pop of color can also go a long way. Smaller spaces like a half bath, hall, or built-ins offer an easy opportunity to play with color without commiting to a major statement. Saturated colors can also be used to add depth to the rest of a home’s color palette by painting interior doors, cabinets, and trim an unexpected hue.

Benjamin Moore’s Regent Green

Before heading to Williams to grab those samples, use Benjamin Moore’s Color Portfolio app to try on any of the colors in any room. “The app is great for comparing colors from the comfort of your home. After you’ve selected your perfect new color, you can order the paint online and come pick it up at any of our seven locations, including our two design centers in Pleasant Valley and Rhinebeck,” says Williams.

“Benjamin Moore prioritizes working directly with small businesses by selling exclusively through locally owned and operated stores like ours,” she says. “No matter which of their gorgeous colors you’re considering, our knowledgeable and friendly paint staff can help guide you through your project and make sure you have the right materials and know-how for any job.”

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