Hudson Valley Destination Spas

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The writers of Upstate House took to the massage tables (tough work, we know) to bring you the inside story on a few of our favorite “spa-cations.” Here, we bring you spas whose architecture is as interesting and beautiful as their treatments are relaxing.

The healing arts and the Hudson Valley go hand in hand, so it’s no wonder that we’ve become home to some of the most nurturing and luxurious spas anywhere. Some are stand-alone day spas, offering facials, aromatherapy, and hotstone massages in renovated Victorians in town. Others are in more bucolic settings or integrated into hotels, creating a getaway within a getaway.

One thing is for sure: Whether you go just for the day or spend the night, a spa can be a mini vacation—closer, easier, and a heck of a lot more relaxing than getting on a plane. The restful feelings spas inspire come not only from their treatments, but, from the setting and the design of the spaces in which those treatments occur. As the popularity and number of spas grow, so does the practice of spa design, along with the innovative approaches to architecture and interiors that communicate calm and comfort to patrons.

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