Glamp It Up

Comfort Meets the Campsite

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Ah, camping. You either love it—drifting off under the stars to the sounds of owls hooting—or you hate it: Why risk the bears and mosquitoes, or the owl poop, when upstate has an abundance of hotel rooms, with walls and roofs?

There is a middle ground, however, between the hotel room and a tent. Glamping, or glamour camping, is roughing it with smoother edges, without the dirt-beneath-your-nails tasks like setting up your own tent, and with something sturdier between you and the ground than a tarp. Glamping may come with hot showers and toast and coffee in the morning—yes, there is such a thing as a tent-and-breakfast. Think of it as camping with more of the comforts of home.

There’s more than one way to glamp, of course. Some do it with tricked-out campers, off-the-grid cabins, or yurts—modern incarnations of ancient, semi permanent dwellings with round walls. Below you’ll find a selection of the Hudson Valley and Catskills’ finest glampsites.

Let’s Go Glamping!

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