Ana Claudia Design’s Minimalist, Maker-Centric Refuge

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Since the pandemic set off its cascading effect of supply chain chaos, designing a home has been rocky, to say the least. The fact that Rhinebeck-based interior designer Ana Claudia Schultz was able to envision and execute on a design for an airy retreat for clients in Saugerties in the midst of it all is no small feat. “There were so many unknowns and challenges,” Schultz says. “The costs kept changing, the stock of materials was uncertain, and there were many delays.”

Add to that her clients’ ambitious design goals, and Schultz had her work cut out for her. “They wanted a family-friendly home that incorporated contemporary local makers into the design, but with one added twist,” says Schultz. “My client is both Spanish and Japanese, so she likes the minimalism of Japanese design but also the natural textures and fun quirks from her Spanish side.” But Schultz relished the challenge of balancing it all into one graceful whole.

To create the cheerful, functional kitchen, she incorporated open shelving and chose materials that felt high-end, but without the weighty price tag. To add elegance while keeping costs down, she went with GE’s Cafe Series appliances and chose Ikea base cabinets that the team finished with semi-handmade fronts. She added whimsy to the space by painting the cabinets a soothing sage that echoed the landscape outside, and by creatively using tile for the backsplash. “Instead of adding traditional trim, we embraced the picket edges on the hex tiles,” she says. With a subtle yet eye-catching pendant light centered above the island, the room dazzles with fine details.

In the bedroom, “serenity was the goal,” says Schultz. She chose a minimalist design for the space to avoid clutter and a light palette to relax the mind. Sheer, white floor-to-ceiling drapes keep the space cool without fully obstructing views of the woods beyond. Above the bed, dreamy watercolor paintings by Walton-based artist Caroline Fay add to the room’s calming atmosphere. As with all of her design work, Schultz centers local makers—many of whom she highlights at The Beck, an artist and maker showroom in Rhinebeck that she co-owns with her husband.

The final result of the home’s design is the nuanced balance of styles and influences that Schultz and her clients had hoped for. “It’s so full of life with textures, natural elements, and high-end touches,” she says, “but it is still relaxing and embraces the beauty of the outdoors.”

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